For many of you financial literal people, I would like to introduce you this referral and a simple sign up of 15 steps, you will get USD50 from Webull!

Here are the 15 Step-By-Step Guide:

  1. Sign up with my link here
  2. Download the Webull application
  3. In the Webull app, go to login (login with the credentials you previously sign up)
  4. Press on the ‘Account’ tab, and Press Open Account
  5. Open Account via Singpass
  6. For trading, deposit and withdrawal choose (0-10)
  7. PEP – choose ‘No’
  8. Total Assets and Annual Income choose the least, Source of Wealth and Funds choose Savings
  9. Cash Account and ‘Stocks’ and ‘ETF’
  10. Tick all boxes
  11. Sign your name
  12. (Give it awhile for them to deposit) Head to deposit
  13. Link via eDDA Deposit
  14. Payment limit will can simply set at $10
  15. Deposit $1 through eDDA (please Hold for 30 days to get additional USD20), once the deposit confirmed!

TADA, claim your rewards – under the ‘Menu’ tab and go into ‘My Rewards’.

You can claim free fractional share and they will comprise of at least USD30.

Here is the link you need to sign up.

webull referral link

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Disclaimer: The information provided by LearnToInvest serves as an educational piece and is not intended to be personalized investment advice. ​Readers should always do their own due diligence and consider their financial goals before investing in any stock.


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