It is crucial for all investors to pick a reputable online brokerage. Brokerages that stand out are often those that offer good customer service, affordable trading fees, and access to multiple markets. In this article, you’ll learn some key factors to consider when choosing your online stock broker. We will also be sharing on an online brokerage that satisfies some of the criteria we outlined.

Many people should take advantage of the current stock market drop in 2022 to invest. Furthermore, due to the intense competition among online brokerages, fees are decreasing and services are increasing. However, with a high demand for online brokerages, more firms are entering to capitalize on the surge in individual investors. Hence, finding a broker who is a good fit for investors may become particularly difficult.

So how can you pick the best broker for you? 

Some retail investors may prefer better platform experience while others may prioritize fees above all. In addition, some may prefer to choose more well-established financial institutions. But regardless of the brokerage one ultimately selects, it boils down to the individual’s investment objectives.

Brokerage Factor #1: Product Offerings

Below are some popular investment options that majority online brokerages offers:

  1. Individual stocks
  2. Exchange-traded funds
  3. Bonds
  4. Options
  5. Mutual Funds

ETFs and Stocks are popular investment choices among investors. If you intend to invest in either of those, check to see if the broker does offer a large selection of funds or stocks. In recent years, cryptocurrencies have gained popularity among investors as well. Therefore, you should definitely check to see if your brokerage is offering it if this is something you are eager to invest in.

Brokerage Factor #2: Market Access

Not all brokerage firms offer access to all international financial markets. Most online brokerage firms in Singapore allow us to invest in the more popular exchanges. These include the likes of HKEX, NASDAQ, NYSE, and SGX. 

However, if you do prefer to invest in markets like Australia, Japan, London, do select a brokerage that gives you the choice to do so. 

Brokerage Factor #3: Trading Commission and Extra Fees

For every trade that one makes, often we are charged with a fee called commissions. With the influx of online brokerages, these commissions have been reduced to a minimum for many. 

Although commissions are common, you should be aware if the brokerage you are using does charge extra fees. These fees include:

  1. Annual fees
  2. Fund deposit / transfer / withdrawal fees
  3. Inactivity fees

Online brokerages with excessive fees is not what you want because it will reduce the return on your investments. Don’t settle for a broker who charges these kinds of fees. There are plenty out there without them.

When it comes to low fees, a low-cost brokerage like moomoo SG makes all the difference. Moomoo SG now offers lifetime free-commission trades, free level 1 Singapore and China A-share market data. Furthermore, they are also offering Level 2 US stock market for all new moomoo SG users.

Brokerage Factor #4: Investment Insights

In traditional brokerages, a broker is chosen at random for you when you open an account. However, some may choose to register with a broker that you are familiar with or get recommended to. The broker is important since they can offer assistance by sharing their knowledge, experience, and market updates. Additionally, some investors may trust their broker to help execute their trades. 

For online brokerages, they offer an alternate means to communicate investing knowledge to retail investors. In the case of moomoo platform, their “News” section offers important investment insights. Some key features of the “News section are as follows:

  1. Headline – Featuring the biggest news that is happening across different markets
  2. 24/7 – Updates and showcases any latest news across the web and it refreshes every minute
  3. Financial Calendar – Highlights companies’ key earnings releases, IPOs, Dividends, Holidays and Big Economic Data report dates

Brokerage Factor #5: Learning Materials

The understanding of investment that regular investors possess might differ significantly. As a result, many investors do prefer to read up on educational materials before investing. 

In the ideal scenario, investors would love to have brokerages offering learning materials you require at your fingertips. These learning materials will also take into account various levels of financial expertise and risk tolerance.

For Moomoo SG, they do have a program called moomoo Learn. They offer a suite of offerings on investment courses. Till date, they have helped over 900,000 investors to grow their financial literacy. If you are new to the stock market, Moomoo SG is also organizing a free 5-day investment learning camp for everyone. 

Most importantly it is FREE! Click here to register and join!

Brokerage Factor #6: Deposit Time

The length of time it takes to transfer money used to be a major source of annoyance for many investors. In the past, the time it took to deposit money into their brokerage accounts could range from a few hours to days. As a result, some investors may lose the opportunity to purchase the stock at their preferred price.

However, many online brokerages now support Instant Deposit via Direct Debit Authorization (DDA). This allows investors to directly transfer their funds from their bank account to Moomoo SG universal account within 5 minutes.

For moomoo SG, it is a simple 4-step process to setup your DDA: 

  • Go to Trade > Deposit > Add a Bank Account > Link via DDA 

For more details, please refer to How to Set up DDA

Subsequently, you will just need to select the linked bank account and select the deposit amount: 

  • Go to Trade > Deposit > Amount > Submit

Our Stand

When it comes to choosing a stock brokerage, there is no “one size fits all” solution. Instead, you need to carefully consider your individual needs and objectives in order to choose the best brokerage for you and your investments. With so many options out there, the process of finding the right broker can seem overwhelming. But by taking the time to do your research and ask the right questions, you can find a brokerage that will help you reach your financial goals.

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