With all the exciting happenings in the market, it’s easy to forget  about all the notable earnings announcements. These include the likes of Walt Disney, Palantir, TheTradeDesk and more. In this week’s roundup, we’ll be going over some of those noteworthy Nov events that are happening this week.

MON Events:  

  • Notable Earnings: Palantir, Lyft, Activision Blizzard and more…
  • China Exports and Imports YoY (OCT) 

TUE Events: 

  • Notable Earnings: Walt Disney, Lucid, Dupont, AMC and more…
  • 2022 US Midterm Elections, Fed Collins and Fed Mester Speech
  • GB 5-Year Treasury Gilt Auction

WED Events:  

  • Notable  Earnings: TheTradeDesk, Roblox, Rivian, Digital Turbine and more…
  • US 3-Year Note Auction
  • CN Inflation Rate YoY (OCT), CN Inflation Rate MoM (Oct)

THU Events: 

  • Notable Earnings: Nio, Wework, AstraZeneca and more…
  • US Inflation Rate YoY (OCT), US Inflation Rate MoM (Oct)

FRI Events:

  • Notable Earnings: Barings, Algonquin and more…
  • GB GDP Growth Rate YoY Prel Q3

1st Key Nov Events: Key Earning Reports this week: 

Key Earnings Nov 7th - Nov 11th

2nd Key Nov Events: 2022 US MidTerm Elections – Tuesday

The direction of the legislative agenda for the following two years will be decided by this election in 2022. If Democrats win both chambers of Congress, President Joe Biden might find it easier to advance his existing policy programs. However, if Republicans win, there may be political impasse.

US Equity market performance following midterms elections

Hence, the stock market typically favors the status quo outcome, as can be shown from previous election results. This is due to the fact that this typically means continued policy and economic stability for the ruling party.

3rd Key Nov Events: US Fed Speeches – Tuesday and Thursday

Key Events Federal

The US Fed Funds Rate will be discussed in two separate speeches by the Fed this week alone. In November, the Federal Reserve increased the federal funds rate by 75 basis points to 3.75%-4%. This is the sixth consecutive rate hike and borrowing rates have reached a new high since 2008. According to many policymakers, this increase in rates is taken into consideration with the current tightening of monetary policy. Many are expecting the rate hike in December to be smaller. However, it waits to see what the Rate Hike will be in November and December. 

4th Key Nov Event: CN Inflation Rate – Wednesday

China Inflation Rate chart

According to market expectations, China’s annual inflation increased to 2.8% in September 2022 from 2.5% the previous month. This is mostly due to a significant increase in the price of food.  This inflation rate was the highest since April 2020. However, compared to counterparts like Europe and the US, China’s inflation rate still seems pretty manageable and low.  Hence, it waits to see what the October China Inflation rate will be.

5th Key Nov Event: US Inflation Rate YoY – Thursday

US Inflation Rate chart

In September 2022, the annual inflation rate in the US decreased for the third consecutive month to 8.2%. This is one of the lowest levels in the past seven months, down from 8.3% in August. Hopefully the inflation rate in the US will either stagnant or decrease. If not, having such a high inflation rate will seem intolerable for their residents. This is because the average inflation rate over the past 10 years has been around 2-3% before the recent hike in rates.  Hence, it waits to see what the October October Inflation rate will be.

All in all, It’s been another exciting week in the market, with plenty of notable earnings and reports to keep us busy. Walt Disney, Palantir, TheTradeDesk will all be reporting this week. There will also be plenty of other noteworthy events happening as well. Keep an eye on this space next week for more exciting earnings announcements and market news!

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