Threads: A New Way to Share with Text. It’s a new app, built by the Instagram team – to share text updates and join public conversations. Just last month, there were rumors of Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk potentially fighting in a Mixed Martial Arts bout. The response from Mark Zuckerberg was shocking…

Now, it looks as if there will be a battle of platforms between Instagram Threads and Twitter. Some say it is a competitor of Twitter, while some say that is undermining the potential of the new Threads app. Who knows? Let’s find out!

What is Threads?

Threads is a new app from the parent company of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

Starting a social network itself is notoriously difficult due to – the “Network Effect”. The main thing of social media is to keep up to date with the things that are happening with people around you, that could be your friends, family, relatives and idols.

Luckily for Threads, it will be able to tap on Meta’s already viral social media platform – Instagram. 

Instagram Quarterly User from 2013 to 2022
Source: Business of Apps

However, as Instagram reached a saturation point, Meta ran out of “room to grow”. Hence, they are looking to explore into different business units such as the likes of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. This new app could be a potential catalyst for Meta moving forward.

More than 30 million people signed up for Meta’s new Threads app. Amazingly, as Threads went live, it has already exceeded 10 million sign ups within the first 7 hours, which is unprecedented. To give context, ChatGPT got 1+ million users in its first 7 days.

Is Threads similar to Twitter?

In short, yes. Threads is probably a direct rival to Twitter. Indeed, upon using it, I have to say it looks like Twitter, and even feels like Twitter…but in a better way?

Similarly, users can repost, reply to or quote a thread. 

The 5 differences between Threads and Twitter

1. Seamless synchronisation

Threads, unlike Twitter, are able to leverage your Instagram account. With a few simple clicks, you are able to follow all your instagram contacts making the whole sign up process super seamless. On Twitter, it is the usual log in options like email, number, or your username. As an independent app, you have to go through the hectic process of following all your friends again which is honestly very troublesome.

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2. Premium Subscription

Twitter, for the longest time only allowed a 140-character limit which was recently revised to 280, and with Twitter Blue that limitation is no longer in the picture? Twitter Blue is a premium subscription service by Twitter, which provides features such as Edit Tweet, Hide Ads, Longer Tweets, Undo Tweet, NFT Profile Picture etc. In Singapore, the subscription has a hefty price tag of S15 for iOS/Android users and $11 for Web users per month. Whereas for Threads, it is completely free to download and use. There are certainly no features hidden behind a paywall. 

Twitter Premium Subscription cost
Source: Twitter

3. Features and Content Distribution

Threads, unlike other social media apps, do lack many features. It lacks in-app messaging that Twitter has. It also doesn’t allow users to search anything apart from usernames and accounts. Hashtags also do not work. Threads’ feed shows posts from everyone, regardless of a user following. Twitter on the other hand, has 2 feed options, one based on the user preferences and other based on the following.

4. Text Posts and Multi-media Posts

The key difference is that Thread’s character limit is 500, while Twitter character limit is 280.

While both allow you to post website links, videos and images. Twitter has a limit of four items per tweet, while Threads lets you share 10 items in a single post, which is the same limit for carousel posts in the Instagram apps. Threads displays the collection of photos in a highly intuitive manner which is something we have never experienced from Twitter in the past.

Threads multimedia content

5. Availability

Previously, Twitter started as a website before the iPhone was launched. As it adapted to app-based versions of iOS and Android smartphones. There are people who still use its web version to tweet.

On the other hand, Threads is currently app-only, available for both iOS and Android smartphones. Will it ever transition to a web version? Probably not, given the majority of Instagram’s users use its app.

Could Threads potentially destroy Twitter?

Threads appear timely as Twitter transitions as the go to app for real-time, public conversations were not well-received. Instead, many Twitter users have expressed desire for an alternative since Musk took over the platform late last year. The frequent technical issues and policy changes have sent several noteworthy Twitter users heading for the exits. 

One major concern that Threads could potentially face is data privacy. In particular, Meta will have to work to prevent spam, harassment, conspiracy theories and false claims on Threads, issues that have caused many users to sour on Twitter.

The question of whether Threads will replace Twitter? 

I think not now. But, there is a potential it might happen. 

Our Stand

Although it’s still early days for Threads, the signs are promising. As of writing, Threads have over 55 million users in 2 days which is simply remarkable. As it continues to grow and evolve, there is potential for Threads to become a formidable competitor in the social media space.

With Meta continuous effort to innovate and improve user experience, Threads could well become the new go-to platform for public conversation, challenging Twitter’s dominance in the space.

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