With all the exciting happenings in the market, it’s easy to forget  about all the notable earnings announcements. These include the likes of Alphabet, Apple, Amazon, Meta and more. In this week’s roundup, we’ll be going over some of those noteworthy events that are happening this week.


  • Notable Earnings: Logitech, Phillips and more…
  • China GDP Growth Rate Q3
  • S&P Global Services (France, Germany, UK, USA)


  • Notable Earnings: Alphabet, VISA, Microsoft, GE, 3M and more…
  • SG Core Inflation Rate (SEP), SG CPI (SEP)
  • US House Price Index, US Manufacturing Index


  • Notable  Earnings: Meta, Ford, Teladoc, KraftHeinz and more…
  • EA Loans to Households (SEP), EA M3 Money Supply 
  • SG Industrial Production (SEP)
  • US Building Permits (SEP)


  • Notable Earnings: Apple, Mastercard, Amazon, Intel, Shopify and more…
  • Korea GDP Growth Rate (Q3), US GDP Growth Rate (Q3)
  • China Industrial Profits (SEP)


  • Notable Earnings: ExxonMobil, Abbvie and more…
  • Japan Tokyo CPI (OCT), SG Unemployment Rate (Q3)
  • US Core PCE Price Index (SEP)

1st Events: Key Earning Reports this week: 

2nd Event: Singapore Consumer Price Index (CPI) – Tuesday

The monthly Consumer Price Index (CPI) for Singapore tracks the average price changes over time. These prices are based on a set basket of consumer goods and services that are frequently bought by Singaporeans. It is frequently used as a gauge of inflation in consumer prices.

Singapore CPI has increased 6.71% (YOY) from September 2021 and 0.94% from August 2022.  

3rd Event: Euro Area M3 Money Supply – Wednesday

The broadest measurement of a country’s money supply is the M3 category. M3 includes less liquid assets too. Less liquid assets would be ones that can’t be quickly converted into cash and aren’t immediately used in an emergency. By looking at Euro Area Money Supply M3, it provides indication of the expansion and contraction of the monetary supply. 

Given Europe is heading into a recession, it waits to see how the EU M3 Money Supply report works out. 

4th Event: US GDP Growth Rate (Q3) – Thursday

In Q2, the US economy reported a quarterly decline of 0.6%. This was after the Q1 decline of 1.6% which proves that the US had in fact entered a recession. The primary reasons for Q2 decline were due to private inventories and fixed investment. With the strong interest rate hikes, the Fed is expecting a big downtown in economic activity. 

The US has already reported two straight quarters of economic contraction. As a result, it is waiting to see if the European recession would cause this quarter’s decline to be greater.

5th Event: SG Unemployment Rate (Q3) – Friday

The unemployment rate for Singapore for Q2 stands at 2.1%. This is one of the lowest unemployment rates since 2018 as the economy recovers from the Covid-19 disruptions. In addition, Singaporeans employment has also been rising steadily and was 4.2% above pre-pandemic level. 

All in all, It’s been another exciting week in the market, with plenty of notable earnings and reports to keep us busy. Alphabet, Microsoft, Amazon, Meta will all be reporting this week. There will also be plenty of other noteworthy events happening as well. Keep an eye on this space next week for more exciting earnings announcements and market news!

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Disclaimer: The information provided by LearnToInvest serves as an educational piece and is not intended to be personalized investment advice. ​Readers should always do their own due diligence and consider their financial goals before investing in any stock.


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