With all the exciting happenings in the market, it’s easy to forget  about all the notable earnings announcements. These include the likes of Nvidia, Alibaba, Tencent, Palo Alto and more. In this week’s roundup, we’ll be going over some of those noteworthy events that are happening this week.

MON Events: 

  • Notable Earnings: Tyso, Monday.com, Oatly and more…
  • EA Industrial Production YoY (SEP), EA Industrial Production MoM (SEP)

TUE Events:: 

  • Notable Earnings: Walmart, Home Depot, SEA and more…
  • CN Unemployment rate (OCT)

WED Events:  

  • Notable  Earnings: Nvidia, Cisco, Grab, Tencent, Target and more…
  • GB Inflation rate YoY (OCT), GB Inflation rate MoM (OCT)
  • US Retail Sales YoY (OCT), US Retail Sales MoM (OCT)

THU Events:: 

  • Notable Earnings: Alibaba, Macy, Palo Alto, Applied Materials and more…
  • SG Non-Oil Exports YoY (OCT), SG Non-Oil Exports MoM (OCT)
  • EA Core Inflation Rate YoY (OCT), EA Core Inflation Rate MoM (OCT)

FRI Events:  

  • Notable Earnings: JD.com, Footlocker and more…
  • JP Inflation Rate YoY (OCT), JP Inflation Rate MoM (OCT

1st Key Nov Events: Key Earning Reports this week: 

key events nov 14th to 18th

2nd Key Nov Events: Euro Area Industrial Production MoM – Monday

Industrial production indicator refers to the output of businesses engaged in manufacturing, electricity, gas, steam, and other energy-related activities. This indicator shows how the economy in the Euro region is doing and whether things are returning to normal.

key events - Euro Area Industrial Production MoM October

The industrial production in the Euro Area has increased 2.5 percent from a year earlier in August 2022. While output fell for both energy and intermediate products, it increased for capital, durable, and non-durable goods. Hence, it waits to see what the Industrial Production will be in September and October. 

3rd Key Nov Events: China Unemployment rate Oct – Tuesday

 key events - China Unemployment rate Oct

In September 2022, China’s jobless rate rose to 5.5% from 5.3% in August. Due to the reappearance of COVID-19 in some cities, this is the highest level since June. However, there are rumors that the Chinese government intends to reopen the borders. This will have a direct impact on the employment rate in China. Furthermore, the US has also just reported a rise in the unemployment rate to 3.7% in October. Hence, it waits to see what the Unemployment rate will be for China in October. 

4th Key Events: Euro Area Inflation Rate Final – Thursday

According to market expectations, EA’s annual inflation increased to 10.7% in October 2022 from 9.9% the previous month. This is mostly due to a significant increase in the price of energy.  This inflation rate was the highest over the past 5 years. This is a concern as it is significantly higher than the US which stands at 7.75%.  A hyperinflation is unavoidable if new government policies are not implemented to control this pace of inflation in Europe. Hence, it waits to see what the final Inflation rate will be for Euro in October. 

5th Key Events: SG Non-oil Domestic Exports MoM – Thursday

In Singapore, Non-oil Domestic Exports include electronic products, petrochemicals and pharmaceuticals. This is an important indicator to track as Singapore derives most of its revenues from foreign trades. In addition, the biggest export product for Singapore are machinery and equipment which stands at 43%. This will provide a glimpse of how Singapore’s trade economy is faring. Hence, it waits to see what the final non-oil domestic export will be for Singapore in October. 

All in all, It’s been another exciting week in the market, with plenty of notable earnings and reports to keep us busy. Nvidia, Alibaba, Tencent, Palo Alto will all be reporting this week. There will also be plenty of other noteworthy events happening as well. Keep an eye on this space next week for more exciting earnings announcements and market news!

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