With all the exciting happenings in the market, it’s easy to forget  about all the notable earnings announcements. These include the likes of Costco, DocuSign, mongoDB and more. In this week’s roundup, we’ll be going over some of those noteworthy events that are happening this week.


  • Notable Earnings: GitLab, Sumo logic and more…
  • US S&P Global Composite and Services PMI Final NOV
  • SG Retail Sales MoM (OCT), SG Retail Sales YoY (OCT)


  • Notable Earnings: mongoDB, SentinelOne, Casey and more…
  • US Imports and Export (OCT)
  • JP Household Spending YoY (OCT), JP Household Spending MoM (OCT)


  • Notable  Earnings: GameStop, C3.ai, HashiCorp  and more…
  • China Imports and Export (NOV)
  • EA Employment Change YoY Final (Q3), EA Employment Change QoQ Final (Q3)


  • Notable Earnings: Ciena, Costco, Lululemon, DocuSign, Broadcom and more…
  • Japan GDP Growth (Q3)


  • Notable Earnings: 理想 and more…
  • CN Inflation Rate MoM (NOV), CN Inflation Rate YoY (NOV)
  • US Core PPI MoM (NOV), US Core PPI YoY (NOV)

1st Key Dec Events: Key Earning Reports this week

Dec Key Earning weeks

2nd Key Dec Events: SG Retail Sales MoM – Monday

In Singapore, the Retail sales report offers an overall assessment of retail product and service sales. Retail sales provides a good representation of Singapore’s total economy.

Dec Events SG Retail Sales MoM

In August, Singapore saw an upwardly revised 13.3% gain in retail sales. This is followed by a 11.2% YoY increase in September 2022. This is the 7th straight month of increase in retail sales. However, there was a modest decline due to sales slowing down in petrol services, cosmetics and toiletries. Given the entire economy is heading into a recession, it waits to see if the retail sales will continue to decline. 

3rd Key Dec Events: China Inflation Rate MoM – Friday

In China, the key components for the CPI include Food and Residence. The other components include Recreation, Education, Communication, Healthcare and more. This CPI basket is reviewed every five years. 

Dec Events China Inflation Rate MoM

In October, China’s annual inflation rate dropped to 2.1% compared to the estimates of 2.4%. This slowdown is mainly attributed to the cost of both food and non-food. Currently, China’s inflation rate still seems pretty controlled as compared to the US. Hence, it waits to see what will be shared in the upcoming China Inflation Rate results. 

All in all, It’s been another exciting week in the market, with plenty of notable earnings and reports to keep us busy. Costco, DocuSign, mongoDB will all be reporting this week. There will also be plenty of other noteworthy events happening as well. Keep an eye on this space next week for more exciting earnings announcements and market news!

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